BlackPowerEnergy Team

Aquabike BlackPowerEnergy was born in 2013 from the berger of the team world champion Marina 4 from Caorle and our company

This idea came about for two main reasons: we wanted to test our product and promote our image. To test the energy drink we needed an important athlete from a bit of time no longer able to impose itself worldwide, to see if the drink would produce some benefits on his performances. We could choose between many sports, but one of our friend had got a good intuition, he suggested a sport not well known to the general public, but which has had a great development in the two last years: motor boating, in particular the aqua bike. We were very excited to see personal watercraft in the waves fighting for the first positions under the sun of the most fashionable locations. So we had to find only the right representative of our brand. After consulting our employees we found him, his name is Lorenzo Benaglia, called “Fascetta” and we are very glad to have close collaboration with this top athlete. Benaglia is considered one of the most important pilot jet in the world. He won several competitions in Italy, Europe and worldwide. After several incidents he could no longer win, so we have taken up the challenge and the trust we gave him was repaid already on the debut of his team Bleteam at the seaplane in Milan. He got a fifht place in pole leading in the first round head, then he had a technical failure which shattered his dream of winning. But for the moment we give to the pilot fuel, to the engine not yet… The 2015 has given us a stronger team, better organized, with most powerful watercrafts. We have strengthened our cooperation with Marina 4 team sponsoring another pilot in the Italian F1run competition. In the penultimate race our two pilots were fighting for the first place in the Italian league. We decided to support also Jeremy Perez, the vice world champion in 2014 in the GP aqua bike world championship an Marta Sorrentino in ski women category in their last races. Our drink is an idea, a philosophy, a way of living.
Abu Dhabi 2013
Milano 2014 Aquabike 3
Doha 2014
Liuzhou 2013