Lucky Star srl is an italian company working for 30 years on the area of central italy specializing in entertainment night through the management of many clubs. The company is located in Pescara registered with the chamber of commerce of the city with the number..... The administrator of the company is Miss Isabella Campanella, volcanic businesswoman who did work her reason of living with excellent results in entertainment night. In 2013 thanks to the intuition of one of her administrative assistant she was thrown into the beverage industry funding the development of a new energy Black Power Energy is born.. It took two years to put it on the market, in July 2015. Lucky Star srlholds all the marketing rights and distribution of the drink in Italy and in Europe.

Black Power Energy, is the energy drink with the higher taurine and caffeine content than other currently on the market. This indication would be enough to understand the effectiveness and valence of the product able to regenerate the body from Physical and mental efforts. It' s the result of painstaking research laboratory tested on pilots aquabike and it's by far the natural alternative to the classic supplement. Strong flavor and slightly bitter it must be served cold for a greater enjoyment of its intense taste. Being rich in vitamins and protein is particularly suitable for those who practice extreme sports activities, for students and workers Not suitable for children and pregnant women.
It recommends moderate consumption.

“IN ALL SENSES FOR ALL SENSES”, our philosphy.

The answer is easy

We produced a very innovative drink that differs completely from other energy drinks for sale, that’s why “in all and for all senses”! Just look at the comparative table with other energy drinks to realize that we stand above the standard range.

Observing for the first time our drink on the shelves the typical customer might draw close trivially to the other energy drinks on the market. Once tested, however, he will immediately change idea. The intense flavor and the bitter aftertaste combined with the power of its ingredients make the it a special and essential drink !